I'm Abraham😊.
A passionate of code and coding. I spend my day on coding staff.

My story is not a typical technology story. As a former admirer of the building's architecture, everything changed in 2010 when I first encountered Blogspot, that's when I started creating a web page with blogger, and I started to live with the activities.

When I entered university in 2017 I really wanted to continue my adventure and that's where I discovered C programming with other languages like PHP, C#, Ionic and Xamarin for mobile.

I really like html and css because it allows me to create the web interfaces of my choice.

After the C# course, I started creating management applications such as store management, restaurant management, etc. At that time, Desktop was easy to deploy without the cost of hosting like web applications because the application ran locally.

Thanks to my applications I was recruited into a human resources company and interned as a developer.

but at the end of my university course I defended my theses on a mobile application to disseminate information and limit fake news.

The app has been downloaded over 3,000 times and received great reviews, and that's where my life as a coder really began, I'm happy now creating global apps.

I am Abraham Muller. fullstack web & mobile dev.
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